Currently world population have reached over 7 billion people

780 million people don’t have access to clean water


1.3 billions tonnes of food are wasted every year, while 1 billion people go undernourished and another 1 billion are hungry.


170 million people are still unemployed by the end of 2019


Human activities largely contribute to climate change that increase earth surface temperature

Can we survive when world population reach 9.7 billion?

MAP Ready to Help Achieve the SDGs

To ensure the world sustainability, MAP is fully committed to support UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 goals and 169 targets). These goals are defined to meet the most pressing sustainability issues spanning environmental, social and economical challenges.


We are committed to develop our business responsibly. Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) will be an equal concern to our every decision, in addition to economic performance.

Find out how we contribute to the SDGs

Mitigating Our Environmental Impact

To mitigate our environmental impact, we implement the following initiatives:

Energy Reduction

Utilize LED Bulb
whenever applicable

Switch off office
light & AC during
lunch break & after office hours

Constant employee

Single Use Plastic Reduction

Some of our Brands have move on
from single use plastic shopping bags:

We communicate the “No Plastic Use”
campaign and encourage change of behaviour

Waste Reduction

Performance Appraisal Online

Online Attendance Form

Online Attendance Form

We utilize electronic IT system to reduce paper consumption and waste

Engage with local Small Medium Enterprise to utilize our waste, either directly or through vendors

We will form partnerships
with local NGO to conduct
“take-back” program at our stores

Responsibilities to Our Employees

To ensure our employees wellbeing we implement the following initiatives:


13 Tahun 2003

Compliance to Indonesian Labour Law

We support the establishment of Internal Labour Union (Forum) and implement Collective Bargain Agreement (PKB)


Safe and healthy working environment, culture of respect and equal opportunity are embedded in our company’s P.E.O.P.L.E value and our code of conduct.

In 2019, MAP has passed the EDGE Assess certification. EDGE, which stands for Economic Dividends for Gender Equality is a global assessment tools and business certification for gender equality.


Currently there are only nine companies in Indonesia that have EDGE certification. Find out more here

We established and implement whistleblowing system Link

Provide safe, healthy and fun working environment

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Responsibilities to Our Customer

To ensure employee satisfaction, we implement the following initiatives:

We provide a diverse portfolio of world-class brands, as well as its customer service channel

Provide professional training to our staff, enabling them to give extraordinary shopping experience to our customers

Launch unique experiential stores to meet customers’ requirements and satisfaction

Ensure the safety of our F&B products by:

  • Implementing strict standard operating procedure of food handling, hygiene and sanitation
  • Attained ISO 22000 for central production of Cold Stone Creamery, Krispy Kreme, and Domino’s Pizza
  • Provide clear Halal Label

The New Normal


Responsibilities to our Government and Investors

As a Public Listed Company, we comply to regulations from Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Financial Services Authority (OJK), and other relevant regulators. Some of our responsibilities are:

  • Submit monthly shareholders report to IDX
  • Submit quarterly, 1H, 9M, FY financial report
  • Conduct AGM and Public Expose
  • Disclosure of Corporate information
  • Conduct Management meetings regularly
    • BOD meeting
    • BOC meeting
    • BOC BOD meeting
    • Audit Committee Meeting
  • Set up corporate committees:
    • Internal Audit – Include store review
    • Audit Committee
    • Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Produce and publish Annual Report
  • Produce and publish Sustainability Report

Quality Education For All

We strive to give contribution in the


Community Education


Good education can open doors to employment and can become a bridge to exit poverty, enhancing our


National Economy


Contributing to education will also help us to secure our needs of


Future Human Resource

Find out about our programs:

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Quality Education For All
Rumah Belajar Anak Bintang (RAJAB)

Collaboration Program

Program initiated in 2014, currently RAJAB operates in 7 villages in West Java

The Program provides free character building education for underprivileged children

Character building education program is educated through 3 school subjects (Math, Science, & English), cultural education, field trip, and inspirational classes.

To ensure the effectiveness of character building education, RAJAB also engages with the students’ parents, local community, as well as through capacity building to its mentors.

Quality Education for All
Community Store

Collaboration Program

Starbucks Community Store is located in Tanah Abang, the largest textile market in South East Asia. Tanah Abang is also home to thousands of young people with limited access to education or career development opportunities, thus in order to increase educational opportunities, The Community Store will not only function as a coffee shop, but it also house rooms for workshop and classes. Part of the store revenue will be used to support the activities done in the workshop and classes.

Creating pathways to opportunity: Most of the employees in this community store also comes from the Tanah Abang Community, increasing job opportunities in Tanah Abang.

Quality Education for All
External Training

As a company with over 25 years of retail experience, we are delighted to share our retail expertise. We hope our knowledge can spark more interest in retail industry and help to increase Indonesian retail standards.

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Quality Education for All
External Training

Our products and CSR programs promote

healthy and active lifestyle


We utilize our large store chain to promote behavior change and drive positive impact for sustainability

Find out about our programs:

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Health and Wellness for Indonesia
Sports Day, Sport Competitions, and Sport Camp

Collaboration Program

Sports Day

To encourage active and healthy living, we visit and conduct coaching clinic for students and teachers, as well as smart nutrition education for the students’ parents in several schools in Jakarta and South Tangerang in 2019.

Sports Competition

To spark the spirit of competition and enhancing the love of sports, we conduct sports competitions (soccer and athletic). These competitions are also used to screen athletes to participate in YOAN young athlete training camp.

Sending YOAN young athletes to championship

Talented athletes from the competitions will be offered to join YOAN youth athlete camp. They will be trained to further enhance their skills, build their character and hopefully, achieve a better future.


MAP Aktif and YOAN will also search for suitable competition events, for them to test their skills.

Health and Wellness for Indonesia
Partnership for Sustainability

Partnering with Indonesian Red Cross and holding blood donation event in our outlets

3,045 Blood bags collected in 2019

Collecting donations and building water towers to improve access to clean water

Build 12 water towers

Health and Wellness for Indonesia
Engaging with Key Opinion Leaders to Drive Positive Impact

Health and Wellness for Indonesia
Voluntary Activities

Health and Wellness for Indonesia
Promoting Indonesian Brands through our Department Stores

We encourage our employees to participate in voluntary activities

Health and Wellness for Indonesia
Initiatives during Covid-19

Foodhall Supermarket

remains open to provide access to basic foods & nutrition during COVID-19 Pandemic

Our F&B brands:

remain ready to service their loyal customer base through online delivery or pick up from store.

MAP through its brands have donated F&B and face masks to frontline health workers at multiple points across Indonesia.